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China, the possibilities are endless.....

I was really drawn to working with china because I just loved the wide variety of patterns and colours it offers.  It also offers the opportunity to give life to something old that perhaps has been tucked away in a cupboard or a charity shop.  I just love the fact that the possibilities are endless, so many colours, shapes and designs.  When it comes to china I have to admit I'm pretty mercenary!  I won't use anything from a complete set as someone could reuse that and enjoy it whole, but any odds and ends, then I'm there!  I love cutting up a pretty cup or plate, I just hope I do them justice.   I have also created keepsakes for people - using a favourite plate to make a memorial to someone, or re-purposing a loved but broken cup so it doesn't have to be thrown away.  Its really great to be involved in making these personalised pieces for customers.

There are so many amazing mosaic creators out there, whose work I greatly admire, so I was really inspired and keen to start making and find my own style.  With my magpie's eye for all things glittery, I quickly fell in love with beads, cabochons, charms and had lots of fun with building all sorts into my designs to give them their own unique style.  I love searching out new bits to use and inspire me.  I am most happy when I can spend a few hours wondering around charity shops or browsing e-Bay for treasures! 


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