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Its a wrap!!

I always wrap my items well to survive the post, and I love using pretty wrap while keeping it as eco friendly as possible.  My usual orders come in a fully recyclable kraft box or cardboard envelope with biodegradable parcel tape.  I also use acid free tissue paper, recyclable logo stickers and washi/kraft tapes.   These tapes are easy to peel off the boxes meaning you can always reuse them too.  I can include a little gift note if you want me to post straight to post a present straight to someone else.

If you are buying for a special occasion I love the excuse to pimp your parcel further! For a little extra I will make sure the wrapping is super special, add a card, and a sweet treat that fits the occasion, just choose this option at check out.  Please do email me if you have any special requests - if I know its for a wedding/big birthday/Valentine/Mother's Day etc etc I can tailor my wrapping to suit.

Equally, if you are buying for yourself and the wrapping doesn't matter, please do use my recycled no frills wrapping at check out.  I will wrap your order with recycled packaging if I have it available, and not include any business cards/sweets etc to keep things as minimal and eco as possible.

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