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Safety and Aftercare

Please be aware that my mosaics may have sharp edges/sharp parts within a design.  For this reason, it is important to be careful while handling and cleaning a mosaic.

My mosaics are intended for decorative use only and are not toys.  They are not suitable for under 3s, and older children should only handle with care and adult supervision to prevent injury.

To clean an indoor or outside mosaic, simply wipe over the surface gently with a soft lint free cloth, or a disposable wet wipe.  Take care not to get the surface overly wet, as this may loosen the grout.  Avoid continued contact with cleaning products, as this may remove the pattern from hand painted bone china/enamels.  If a mosaic is dropped it might damage the surface/break a delicate part such as a beak, so it is best to sit down at a table to clean to prevent this happening.  Some of my outdoor mosaics have mirrored acrylic backs, these can be cleaned with all-purpose spray polish. 


My indoor mosaics have wooden bases.  I would avoid displaying them in bath/shower rooms as these rooms can get very damp and steamy.  The changing temperature and going from wet to dry can cause the wood to swell and deteriorate, which may lead to the grout cracking and pieces falling off.  If your kitchen can also get very steamy and damp, I would also be cautious here.













Extra advice for maintaining outdoor mosaics:

You will need to replace the twine on outdoor mosaics over time, as the twine can become thinner and more fragile if its hung in a place where the mosaic spins a lot, the twine will also become weaker in time because its exposed to the elements. Please keep an eye out for this, as if the twine breaks your mosaic could be damaged by a fall. 


My outdoor mosaics have been made with materials that I've tested for use outside.  I also use outdoor grade adhesive, grout, bases (slate or acrylic) for outside pieces, and I use a sealant as an extra precaution.   I try and make all of my outside designs as hard wearing as possible.  This said, most materials will degrade in time, and although I take care to make my pieces as durable as I can, you may find after a few years that they do begin to show signs of weathering.  You may wish to use a spray sealant (like the ones you can buy for indoor tiled areas like bathrooms/kitchens) every now and then to add further protection.   I would also recommend bringing your mosaic inside during extremely cold or stormy weather. as this will help prolong its life.

If you have any questions about caring for your mosaic, please do get in touch.

a diamond shaped garden mosaic with mirrored edges
a heart shaped garden mosaic with mirrored edges
a blue heart shaped garden mosaic which says love
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