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Indoor  Mosaic: Mini Wren 1939

Indoor Mosaic: Mini Wren 1939

This mosaic has been designed for use indoors, It has a wooden base.


This design is from my British garden birds range. The wren is one of the smallest and lightest birds in Britain and weighs about the same as a £1 coin. When I came across an old Farthing, I fell in love with the cute little wren pictured and decided to incorporate it into a design.


These Farthing coins with the wren image were produced between 1937-1956, so most have King George VI on the flip side, and some Queen Elizabeth (from 1952+).

Less wren farthings were produced in Elizabeth's reign so they are less common and more expensive to buy now. A Farthing was worth 'a fourth part' of a penny and ceased to be legal tender in Brtain and Northern Ireland in 1961.


You may be able to match one of my wrens with someone's birthday year for a special birthday gift. I don't make these to order as the coins I get are usually brought in bulk so I can't guarantee which years I will have, but I try and create a mix of years everytime I make a batch to provide as much choice as possible. Far fewer Farthings were minted between 1952 - 1956 as the coin was taken out of circulation not long after. This means I rarely come across these years in my bulk batches. I have ordered some of these years individually to give as much choice as possible. My 1952-1955 wrens are therefore more expensive as I have to source these coins individually. I'm afraid it's very unlikely I will come across a 1956 as there are not many in circulation.


I have also used a range of other materials in this design including vintage bone china, glass beads, mirror, glass, mosaic tiles, glitter glass, ceramic, millefiori and stained glass. Each bird is different.


This design measures approx 6 x 5 cm. Free 2nd Class UK Delivery.


Aftercare: If the farthing tarnishes over time a quick rub with a dettol wipe or similar will bring back its shine. Take care not to overly wet the grout, as this could soften it.

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