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Christmas 2022 news!

Wow, I can't believe its time to think about my Christmas designs again!  I know it seems early, but it takes time for me to build up enough stock for pre-Christmas events and of course my online shops, so I am definitely focused on Christmas now.

For the last two Christmas' I have focused mainly on tree decorations and some seasonal outdoor mosaics.  This year I still plan to offer these, but I'm also going to try and continue making my usual mosaics so there are also some pieces to buy as handmade unique gifts.  I'm going to focus on fewer key Christmas designs to allow me to do this. 


For tree decorations I will be making my extra special mosaic Christmas puddings again.  They feature a real sixpence and are covered in lashings of cream (spoiler alert - it's really white grout, so please don't bite, your teeth won't thank you!).  There will be some special edition commemorative puddings as well, so look out for these.   There will also be sparkly little robins, bright stars and festive mini houses. 

I am also working on a new very special robin design.  My new robins will be suitable to go indoors and out, so if you like decorating your garden at Christmas, watch this space.  They will also work well inside on the tree or anywhere around the home where they can spin.  The great thing about this design will be that it won't be so Christmassy that you can't have also have it in the garden/balcony etc all year round meaning you'll get lots of enjoyment out of it.

 I plan to sell mainly here on my website this year, as Etsy fees and advertising costs are getting a bit hard to absorb, but I might also sell some smaller pieces on Etsy later on.  My online shops do tend to sell quite quickly at Christmas, but I will be restocking as regularly as possible around the events I am selling at.  I will email my subscribers first when new mosaics are available and then post on Instagram/Facebook.   


I'm not sure exactly when my shops will close for Christmas yet, but it's likely to be early December to make sure orders arrive before Christmas, especially as there are a lot of Royal Mail strikes planned.  If you are placing an international order, I can't guarantee delivery dates so please do order as early as you can.  As always, I will do my best to provide lots of Christmas goodies for you to choose from.  I unexpectedly had to close down in early last year as my whole family got Covid in turn, so although I've got all my plans, please be aware unexpected things can happen.  If you see anything early on that you like, its best to order it when you see it just in case I do have to stop early.

Hopefully that won't happen, and I will be able to make much more this year!  I'm aiming on next updating my online shop on Wednesday 21 September.

Thanks as always for your interest and support, Rachel x

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